New/Old Desk: ready for action!

If you haven't read An Odd Story About a Desk, go take a peek if you want.  The short version: through one of those random coincidences that are just too strange to be fiction, I just bought back my old childhood/teenager desk from a secondhand store - twenty years and over a hundred miles distant from when my mother dropped it, broken, at a dump.  This was the desk I typed my first short story on, using my mother's old manual typewriter at age seven.  Now, it's again going to be my primary writing station.

I moved the desk into the corner of the front room yesterday.  Today, I got my old PC moved in.  It's an old Gateway I bought in 2005.  The hard drive failed last autumn, which prompted me to get my current main desktop (actually, built the current one from new parts myself).  But I kept the rest of the computer sitting around.  So I yanked an old hard drive out of another machine, put it in that one, loaded Ubuntu, and it's ready for action.  It doesn't scream like my big desktop, but then - it doesn't need to, for writing.  And the fans are quieter!

The monitor is a little smaller than the 24" monster I'm used to, but it's still pretty good.  Just picked it up secondhand today.  Got all the pieces put together this afternoon, tested it - and I'm up and running!  OpenOffice came preinstalled with the operating system, which is what I usually use for typing anyway.

One of the best things about this desk and computer is one of the oddest: no internet.  While I'm there, I'm actually going to be stuck working.  No surfing, reading emails, checking blogs.  Just writing.

The kids are in bed.  I'll be leaving this desk shortly to get to work.  Just wanted to show off for a minute before I broke in the new workplace!