New Year - New Resolutions, New Goals

As I begin to write this, I have 39 minutes until the new year.  In a short while, I am going to plunk myself down in front of a TV and watch a silly ball drop.  And cheer.  And think about the exciting things ahead. This is the year I resolve to make my time matter.  This is the year I resolve to progress with my writing, get material out there for sale, and make the time to do this.  For real.  To take writing seriously.

My goals for this year?

1) I will continue my education; I'm submitting to get into the Viable paradise mini-workshop at Arisia.  I'll be going to Arisia if I get into that, and also Boskone, Readercon, and if possible at least one other workshop-focused event where I can continue to learn more.

2) I have a novel almost revised.  It will go up in ebook and print on demand.  I will then shop it around a bit to various publishers, as per Dean's idea on the subject.  It's worth trying out, at least.

3) I have a novella I just finished in November.  I'll be getting that edited and up as well.

4) I have a novella just started (sequel to the November one).  I want the writing finished on that.

5) And I want to start writing the sequel to the novel in #1, too (will probably do that for 2011 NaNoWriMo).

6) I have another novel done, a historical fantasy.  Not sure if it's good enough for prime time or not.  I want to at least explore the possibility.

7) I signed up for a challenge to write one short story a week through 2011.  That'll keep me busy.  Since I'm also signed up for a challenge that involves cranking out as many submissions as possible, I'll be sending those stories out as fast as I can finish them, and getting them in ebook formats for sale as soon as right revert, or in a big mass after the submission challenge ends.  So shorts should actually represent a pretty big chunk of my 2011 writing, which will help me build some titles for sale.  Dean did a little math a bit ago, showing that even with absolutely horrible sales levels, a short a week equals about $3000 a year of residual income that goes on and on for years.  This is a good thing when one is working to build a lasting career.  Having all those titles out there helps get your name out, to sell more books, too.

So by the end of the year, I should have dozens of short stories out there, a novel, two novellas, and some more stuff on the way.  The "E-Game" folks have been talking about awards one point per epublished short, and five points per novella/novel.  I want to have a minimum of fifty points by the end of the year.

I think these are good goals.  They should get me a great kickoff, and help build patterns of work that will serve me well in the future.

More than anything else, I want to make 2011 matter.

I want to reach out and grab something - to make an effort, to not waste time or dabble.

I want to step up.  And this is the year to do it.

Happy new year, everyone - may your year be exciting, and your goals be ones worth striving for!