Story a week updates

So far I have written two new short stories, one per week. The process is going rather well, and I'm certainly not 'short' on ideas right now! What I'd like to begin doing as I move forward on this is to work on some serial fiction. Batches of shorts, in other words, all using the same world and characters. I haven't worked with that much yet, but I think it has promise. Readers could be much more inclined to buy "more adventures about" something they already enjoyed reading. And after all, hasn't TV already set us up to favor this sort of story? Most of the more popular TV shows are serialized fiction; a sort of soap-opera theme, where bits of story are self-contained within an episode, but where other bits are carried from episode to episode, so that the viewer wants to see what happens next. Or reader, in the case of shorts.

I'll begin exploring that this week.  I have two potential character groups right now, one for a short I have in mind to write but so far have no prose about at all - and the other, for the urban fantasy character I've written one and a half novellas and one short story about.  I think adding more shorts to that line would help boost the sales of the novellas as well, once they're out (soon).

In other news, that first story I wrote was a resounding success!  Written on the first, and revised briefly, I sent it off to the "Taste of Viable Paradise" being held at Arisia.  I was informed a couple of days ago that the story had won me a spot, so I spent Friday evening driving down to Boston, and Saturday at the con - most of that in the workshop.  Well worth the trip.  If I can ever get to the actual, week-long Viable Paradise workshop, I think it'll be a great experience.  In the meantime, knowing that I can write a short story in a couple of hours, revise it briefly once, submit it someplace and have it stand well against all the other fiction present?  Priceless.

Oh, and better believe that story will be going out to a pro-zine this week.  Got to get it started on the circuit, now!