Out with the old, in (soon) with the new!

I sold my desktop a couple of days ago.  The one year old shiny one, not the linux machine I use for writing.  It was a great gaming platform - superb quad core cpu, great graphics card, 23" monitor.  Great computer. Also made more noise than some jet engines.

Sitting at my computer in the living room, I literally could not hear the TV set unless it was turned up painfully loud for those closer by.  It's not a big room, folks.  The computer was just too loud.

And I'm not really gaming anymore.  Oh, I might pop back into a game once in a while.  In fact, I'm sure I will.  I played MMORPGs for too many years to think I won't *ever* play them again.  But it's not my main focus, not even close, so having an obnoxious machine whose primary redeeming quality was being great for gaming just didn't make sense anymore.

Sold it.

Bought a new laptop.  It's on order, should be arriving Saturday.  It's an Asus U30JC-B1, which string of ridiculous numbers means this:


Got the email from Amazon offering this $899 computer for $649 while I was in the middle of researching what machine to buy...  I kept looking, but it was a great deal for a very nice computer.  CPU almost as good as my desktop, 4-7 hours of battery depending upon what you're doing, an Nvidea card - not as good as my desktop's, not even close, but enough to handle most things well, and even the occasional game OK.  And the thing is under five pounds, with a 13.3 inch screen.  I'd been looking at netbooks, but the keyboards are a tad too small.  So something like this is just big enough, and not too big.

Really looking forward to seeing the new toy!