A followup on "The Hocking Effect"

Jim Hines just wrote an interesting article the other day regarding Amanda Hocking's success and what it means for other people.  He's speaking about her in a fairly cautious manner, though - reminding folks that she's an outlier, and probably not indicative of what any one writer will be able to accomplish any more than say, Stephen King or J.K. Rowlings is predictive of average success in traditional publishing. As I mentioned in my own post on the subject, "Expectations of Success", I completely agree.  Outliers are indicative of the maximum current potential of success in a given field, and are not really useful in terms of business planning for one's own career.  Jim and I differ a bit in terms of what we think one can expect for success levels, with work and effort, but we both completely agree that the work and effort are going to be the key factor.

Anyway, it's a good article, with a nice comments thread.  Check it out.  ;)