Aw, and I'm in Good Company, too.

Robin Sullivan just posted to her blog this morning that she, too, was banned from the Absolute Write site. Her ban message?

You have been banned for the following reason:

Just get the hell off my site. You're relentlessly snotty, rude, and you're a f***cking bald-faced liar. I'm done with you.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

Stars added by Robin; the moderator used the full expletive.

Well, seems like I'm in good company. For those who don't know, Robin is the head of Ridan Publishing, a great little company she's built which is helping quite a good number of authors succeed with style. She's also helped her husband self publish a stack of his books, to a level of success that got offers made from multiple large publishers.

But for some reason, her word isn't as good as the word of a bunch of pundits who constantly thrashed whatever she had to say. A policy which enabled them to maintain a consistent, steady attack on most posts which put self publishing in a positive light - because it's hard to argue with folks who are able to voice their own opinion as fact and have their "industry experience" validate those claims. Even if they have no indie publishing experience.

Robin came in and backed me up (thanks!), and we called them on it. Last night, the site owner responded with this:

Originally Posted by KevinMcLaughlin View Post
First off - on double standard. There is one. There is a small clique of people who frequent this forum who deliberately attack pretty much any post which actively supports self publishing. It just is. And they're just expressing their opinions, and usually not doing so in an offensive way - so it's really hard to report the posts.

Errr....So where is the "double standard" you're whining about, then, exactly? Because people have other opinions and they get to express them?

A double standard?



Why? Because I don't shut everyone up that you disagree with, so you can have a climate-controlled echo chamber? Because I let people cite statistics, facts, and anecdotes that directly contradict what you so desperately want to convince other writers of — no matter if it's right for them or not? Because we're not a board that's all about how self-publishing will make the average Jill and Joe Writer rich and famous beyond their wildest dreams or the reach of the NYT Bestseller list, so none of us ever have to face the sting of a rejection slip again unless we're irredeemable and pedantic masochists desperately clinging to the rotting dinosaur carcass of Publishing-That-Was?

Originally Posted by rsullivan9597 View Post
You are not the only one who sees the double standard being administered. There are a lot of lurkers that send me emails and PM's to this effect and thank me for offering a "dissenting opinion".

"Perpencity" and "desenting" and "the lurkers support me in email" and never met a pair of scare quotes that didn't make you positively giddy — but you wonder why some of us are a wee bit skeptical about betting our writing careers on your advice? And why we're not quite ready to tell other writers that they should bet their writing careers and a book they love on your advice? Really? That's still a mystery to you?

Kevin, you and Robin have both been consistently rude, snotty, condescending, evasive, and utterly unpleasant in this room. Yet you feel completely free to insult other writers here, twist and misrepresent their words, and then say that *I* run a board with a double standard because I dare to let people disagree with you?

Get lost. Both of you. Get the hell off my website.

I'm sick to death of the misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, and outright bald-faced lies that some of you insist on spreading like it's gospel truth. Go start your own damned cheerleader forum where no one gets to post rebuttals, ask questions, challenge assertions, or disagree with your awesomeness and mighty self-publishing guru-ness and wisdom(!!11!), and good luck with it.

Robin linked to the thread which got us banned. You tell me if you think we were being overboard.

In the meantime, I've still got some mixed emotions about this. I'm sad that such a well known site has become a propaganda mouthpiece. I'm worried for the writers who will go there and receive misinformation.

But I'm proud to be standing in Robin's company on this one.