Font of Forgiveness - A Short Story

Now available on Kindle. Coming soon on Nook, Apple, Smashwords, and other venues! So! I took the plunge and now have my first totally independently published short story up. I figured I'd practice and get the kinks out with a couple of shorts before moving on to longer works, but honestly I was very pleased with the results. It only took me three tries to get the formatting, blurb, cover, and other information just the way I wanted it. ;)

Here's the brief blurb from the Amazon website:

A short story by award winning fantasy writer Kevin O. McLaughlin.

Dragons have long memories, longer than the lives of the warriors who seek to slay them. And when a dragon is wronged, have fear: because the vengeance of a dragon driven to seek justice is a terrible thing, and forgiveness comes but rarely...

It's pretty heady stuff, putting your own story out there! I look forward to doing more of it. LOTS more - I have a lot of stories to make available, and a lot more stories I'd like to tell.


In other news, I should be getting my printed proof back on "By Darkness Revealed" tomorrow or Thursday. Once I OK the proof, or make changes as needed, I will have that available as well. Hoping to roughly time that with the ebook release. So, soon - very soon!