And Day One of 2012.

Completed 1243 words of new fiction today. Also pulled all the files over from Ashes Ascendant into Scrivener, so I can finish the project there. Since I already had a bunch of the novel done, I had a lot of copy/paste and outline setup to accomplish, but I think it was worth it. Already feeling pretty good about using the software - I've used straight LibreOffice for writing for some time now, but picked up a Scrivener license now that the Windows version has been released (and hey, I had a half off coupon from completing NaNoWriMo, so why not?). I've gone through and entered chapters for each chapter, and broken those chapters into scenes, so I have a rough outline of every scene. Then I pasted in the scenes from the LibreOffice document. Took a couple hours of work, interspersed with watching TV with relatives, so I wasn't working at peak performance. Not a huge time sink, and it's nice to have the outline sitting there on screen so I know what's coming next. Still a few holes to fill in, but the book is proceeding apace.

Most important, I think - I started off the year right. It was a busy day, with a birthday party, my wife and I sick and two of the kids just recovering from being sick yesterday (thankfully, seems to be a quick but nasty fever/congestion bug). All sorts of excuses to miss a day. But I had an urge to kick things off properly regardless, so I made sure to make time to do so.  ;)

I won't report on this sort of progress daily. I don't want to bore you all! But as a 'getting launched right' post, I thought it was worth telling you about.

Hope your New Year's Day went well, too!