Writing in Public, Too: Day 1 - First Steps

writinginpublicToday was a busy day. Aren't they all? (grin)

I rolled out of bed at about 9am. Not a work day, so not a problem. Spent the morning hanging out with the kids and wife. Helped her cook up a dish to bring to a party she was going to, and made chocolate chip cookies for the kids. Also checked email and did a few posts to LinkedIn. I'm not counting those toward writing totals. I value the LinkedIn discussions - they're about publishing and writing, and educational - but they're not something I can produce and publish. So I'm counting only my publishable fiction & nonfiction, and my blog entries for purposes of this challenge.

My wife left around 3pm. I spent 3-6pm working up the courage to post that first challenge blog, and then figuring out what precisely I wanted to say, and how I wanted to say it. Then I made dinner, ate with the kids, and dished out cookies for dessert.

Then back to the computer for a bit while they wound down. More email answering. Finally, I was doing a little writing, as best I could between the kids needing help with this or that. Didn't get a whole lot done, and it was creeping along. One of those days where you can barely get words down.

Got the kids to bed at 9pm. Wife still not home, and the kids stayed a little noisy til around ten. Just one of those nights... Still, made forward progress, and then even more once they settled.

Wife got home about 12:30am, and she filled me in on how things went for a half hour. Then I polished up the last bit I was working on, ended the chapter for "Ashes Ascendant", the next Ryan Blackwell urban fantasy novel, and wrote this post.

Not the banner day I was hoping to start with. I had daydreams about kicking the challenge off with a good 8k+ word day. (chuckle) Not too worried, though, as it was a good start. Part of what this challenge is about is building the habits of success - continuing to push, not in little spurts, but every day.

So I'll call today a win. Made some good headway, and I'm pleased with how the story is going.


Totals for Day 1

Fiction Wordcount: 3100 words

Blog Post Wordcount: 1440 words