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More than just a game, Valhalla Online was designed as a permanent repository for the uploaded minds of mortals afraid of death. An artificial afterlife.



Samantha’s world is turned upside-down when she arrives in Valhalla - because as far as she knows, she isn’t like the other people uploaded there. 



She isn’t dead. At least...she hopes she isn’t. 

Now Sam must solve the mystery of her own abduction - or murder! - while trapped inside a virtual world, cut off from communication with the outside. To do this she must do more than simply survive Valhalla - she needs to win the game!


The final battle between Mars and Earth approaches.

Forces array themselves for a showdown, and humanity’s fate lies in the balance. Thomas leads a new force of the most powerful infantry humans have ever fielded, but even that may not be enough to prevail against Earth's newest plot.

The stakes are higher than anyone knows. The secrets deeper than anyone has guessed. And the truth could free or enslave humanity forever.

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Stories to stir the imagination


Kevin McLaughlin is a USA Today bestselling author of science fiction and fantasy stories. From novels about humanity's exploration of the stars to journeys into computer-generated worlds, his work is to inspire thoughts about possible futures - and to entertain readers by transporting them to worlds beyond.


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